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Cheesy Puffs

Cheesy Puffs

SKU: 21554345656

The hard, uneven texture of these lactose-free cheesy puffs cleans your doggo’s teeth and ensures better dental hygiene. These treats are all natural, made with human-grade ingredients, and rich in protein, omega 3 and calcium, making them the healthiest and most delicious treat for doggos of any breed, size and shape. 


    Your doggo is going to go absolutely wild for these treats and the crunchy sound they make when chewed. There will be no shortage of puppy dog eyes pleading for more, so remember to limit your doggo's treats to a max of 4-5 per a day.


    Yak Milk




    Reseal and refrigerate the pack and finish within 15 days of opening. We do not use any artificial presevatives, colours or flavouring so these Cheesy Puffs are best consumed within a maximum of three weeks. When buying multiple packs, ensure to store them in the freezer for upto 6 months, and thaw before serving.

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