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How We Got Here

Boneapetreat is a small Bangalore based business started by Sudhir Makhija and Mia Aliyah Makhija. The father-daughter duo decided to start this business when they realised that many dogs, like their own lil boxer  - Cat, were picky eaters, or sensitive to most store bought brands of dog treats. Cat’s allergies to gluten, dairy and her intolerance to many of the ingredients found in most store bought food and treats, encouraged Sudhir and Mia to begin experimenting with various recipes and meats, to find the healthiest, safest, and tastiest alternatives. 


All recipes have been developed, tweaked and vetted by a qualified nutritionist.

They have been tried and tested for well over a year and a half before finding their way onto our menu. These healthy treats contain natural superfoods that aid digestion, promote healthy skin and fur, bone health, gut health, dental hygiene

and overall long term wellness. 


Boneapetreat's aim is to give your doggo safer, healthier and yummier snacks made with 100% natural, human-grade ingredients that are carefully sourced from farms across India. There are no preservatives, additives or any artificial flavouring.

We use only the good stuff. 

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